I asked you not once but many times if you heard me thrive

To the moon to the quietest sky

 Where there is light and birds fly high

How I loved your black hair, your kindest eyes. How I adored your blameless sentiment, your guiltless honest love.

Time has passed and we woke up many mornings reshaped. There is only one thing that can keep me who I really am to you and myself. That is to keep it bright and brisk, young and green.

Did you hear my skin cracked to hold a bigger soul? Did you hear me thrive?

Between you and me

between my child and me

between your hands

between a dream and desire

between loneliness and remoteness

there is something that keeps my small heart warm.

My heart that I dreamt it up greater,

between waking up every morning and another simple incident

without  knowing, with hidden desire,

learns something.

Something that exists

that I have

that I want

I love you